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A Flight Site of Another Level


Like everything in our company, the flight site is thought out and designed to offer you the best service. Since we started operating, we were clear that we wanted to give you the best, and that meant having our flight site so that our operation could be carried out as planned, which is why we made great efforts to buy the land from which all our flights depart.

We build and fix it little by little, being faithful to our philosophy of being friendly to the environment and generating the most negligible impact on the beautiful natural environment surrounding us in the Chicamocha Canyon.

For the stabilization of the land, we use used tires that we bring from San Gil, using in the process XXXX tires forgotten in workshops, streets, and other places. This is how we consolidated our Dos Ventanas flight site with a beautiful view from where you can enjoy one of the best experiences of your life.

In 2020, as part of that need to give you everything you need and take care of the planet, we installed two batteries of dry toilets.

The particularity of our sanitary devices is that they do not use water for their operation, taking advantage of the capacities of composting elements such as sawdust.

In addition to not generating foul odors, its storage and ventilation device transforms the stored organic material into organic fertilizer. That, in approximately six months.

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