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Complete Guide to Enjoying San Gil.


11 Adventure Activities to Enjoy San Gil and Its Surroundings

If one of your questions is what to do in San Gil, we’re here to help you as if you had hired a tourist services guide. Our local experience allows us to explain each activity, the times, the prices, the minimum number of people, and even the permitted ages, so you can organize your trip in the land of adventure.

San Gil, the tourist capital of the Santander department, is the epicenter of adventure tourism in Colombia. Within no more than 30 km from its historic center, you’ll find various extreme sports and adventure activities that will make you forget your routine and fill you with adrenaline, freedom, and fun.

Before we start, the first thing is to tell you how you can get to San Gil. San Gil is a town located in the Santander department of Colombia. You can arrive by air or by land. By land, it is about 6 hours from Bogotá. If you’re coming by bus, you can take it from the Salitre terminal or the northern terminal. I recommend the transport companies Copetran and Berlinas. If you’re coming by private car, you can take the route through Tunja, Barbosa, San Gil, or through Zipaquirá, Chiquinquirá, Barbosa, San Gil (check on maps or Waze which is more convenient for you). By air, you can arrive at the Palonegro Airport in the city of Bucaramanga. San Gil has an airport, which is about to be inaugurated. However, for now, charter flights arrive there. Once you land in Bucaramanga, you need to take a taxi, Uber, or InDrive to the Bucaramanga bus terminal, and from there take a bus to San Gil. Buses leave every 30 minutes, and the usual companies are Cotrasangil, Cotrasaravita, Transsander. Normally, the trip takes 2 hours and 30 minutes, but if it’s high season, be prepared for about a 4-hour journey. You can also rent a car from the Palonegro Airport with companies like Alamo, Enterprise, or National.

Plans You Can’t Miss in San Gil

San Gil is a very special place for practicing extreme sports (as they are commonly known) or Adventure Sports (their technical name). We could say it is the epicenter of adventure tourism in Colombia. Around this municipality in Santander, we find the best settings for practicing various adventure sports such as paragliding, rafting, tubing, canyoning, rope circuits, bungee jumping, caving, ATV riding, mountain biking, and trekking. Below, we detail each one of them so you can decide the best option for your trip in the Land of Adventure according to your tastes and time.

1. Paragliding

To participate in this activity, no experience is required. You will be accompanied by an expert and qualified pilot. As the main references for this activity, we offer different types of experiences, with the Chicamocha Canyon as the main setting. There, you will find the highest paragliding site in this area of the country, with a 1200-meter drop to the Chicamocha River and excellent meteorological conditions to enjoy this incredible landscape daily. If you want another option, we can also paraglide from the Palo Blanco area in Curití, where we fly over the valley of Las Vueltas and Macaregua, appreciating the beauty and contrasts of the bean, corn, and tobacco fields.

Dare to fly like the birds!

We could say that the Chicamocha Canyon is the perfect place for paragliding, as it meets three essential requirements: 1. Good weather conditions, 2. Excellent views, 3. Good height. For paragliding, we have daily departures from San Gil. We pick you up daily at 8:30 am and return at 2:00 pm (depending on weather conditions). There, we offer different types of flights. The standard flight (called the discovery flight) lasts 20 minutes and costs 220,000 pesos per person. However, there are special flights where you can choose to pilot the paraglider for a few minutes, perform acrobatic maneuvers, or select a prestige flight that includes all options and lasts longer. The price varies depending on the service you choose.

Don’t forget to capture your experience with photos and videos. You can do it with your camera or cellphone at your own risk, or you can pay for the Go-Pro service to avoid risking your belongings. I’ve seen many cellphones and belongings fall! For this flight, we also have daily departures from the Chicamocha National Park (10:00 am), from Barichara (8:00 am), or you can arrive directly at the flight location (10:00 am). Remember that in the Chicamocha Canyon, we typically only fly in the morning. Spots are limited, so it is recommended to book in advance.

I recommend visiting the Chicamocha National Park on the same day you do this activity.

  • Paragliding Curiti

This flight location is the cheapest for paragliding. The flights last 12 minutes and are only conducted in the afternoon, usually from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm, depending on weather conditions. The mountain has a 100-meter drop (compared to Chicamocha Canyon’s 1200 meters). The price also varies depending on the service you choose. The standard flight (discovery) costs 150,000 pesos, and the special flights are 170,000 pesos. It is recommended to first contact the company to check weather conditions and arrange the meeting time and place. Free pickup from San Gil is also offered, provided there are two or more passengers.

You can go caving in La Vaca Cave in the morning on the same day.

2. Rafting

  • Rafting Suárez River

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, navigating the rapids of the Suárez River is an adventure recommended just for you. It’s one of the best rafting experiences in Colombia.

Unlike other calm settings, this river will give you the opportunity to encounter rapids up to level 5 (which is the maximum level allowed for this activity), in a descent that will take your energy to its peak and where you’ll spend a significant part of your day. Remember, this adventure is not suitable for minors.

Typically, the departure is at 9 am from San Gil. They can pick you up from wherever you are staying within the urban area of San Gil. The journey in the vehicle takes approximately one hour. Then, there’s a safety briefing and practice before starting the journey. You’ll spend about 2 hours on the water. The service includes lunch, drinks, and GoPro footage taken from the guide’s helmet. Returning takes roughly another hour of travel. The price is 220,000 pesos, and you’ll likely be arriving back in the late afternoon.

It’s necessary to have good physical condition and know how to swim. This activity requires a minimum of 4 people, and the company has agreements with various sales points, so the spots are usually filled.

Keep in mind: this activity is offered in all hostels in San Gil. If, for example, at 8:30 am, they inform you that the river level is high and you need to wait until later (11:00 am) to confirm the river level, it’s better to postpone the activity to the next day and make the most of your time by doing something else. Typically, by 11 am, they will inform you that the river level hasn’t lowered, and you’ve wasted valuable time from your trip.

It’s a full-day activity, so I don’t think you’ll have time to plan anything else on the same day. Depending on the information you receive at 8:30 am, take the opportunity to do another activity.

This is the most tranquil canoeing plan in San Gil, with daily departures from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. The raft accommodates 4 to 7 passengers and the guide. The rapid levels range from 1 (gentle) to 3 (intermediate), and there are calm spots called “pocetas” where you can swim. Initially, you’ll travel about 7 kilometers in the company’s vehicle to reach the embarkation point. After a safety briefing and practice on land, the descent down the river begins, taking approximately an hour and thirty minutes. The tour concludes near the Gallineral Park at the Malecon landing.

The price is 60,000 pesos per person, and photos and videos are not included. The guide offers the additional service for 80,000 pesos per boat (which can be split among all participants).

Minimum age: 7 years old.

If you’re a couple seeking something more private, I recommend the Doky tour. It’s a smaller raft with only two passengers and the guide. This tour costs 120,000 pesos per person and follows the same route.

*On the same day, you could organize another activity. Visiting a cave, bungee jumping, or going to the ropes course would be good options.

The Chicamocha Canyon is a mix of contrasts and colors, something out of a movie. This natural scenery is the result of tectonic plate movements and the passage of its water source, the Chicamocha River. There, rafting offers several options or routes. The most common one is from Puente Pescadero to Jordán. Jordán is a village lost in the heart of the canyon, with architecture typical of the region and an old bridge that crosses the river. It’s an intermediate activity, a bit more scenic, with level 3 and 4 rapids. Departure is usually at 9:00 am from San Gil, and you should plan for about 7 hours (sometimes more due to traffic and road conditions). You’ll spend around two and a half hours on the river. For this activity, a minimum of 6 people is required. It’s not very commercial, so to ensure the tour takes place, it’s best for you to gather the group yourselves and agree on the date, time, and pickup location.

This plan includes lunch, hydration, photos, and GoPro video footage taken from the guide’s helmet, and the price is 250,000 pesos per person.

There are other route options like Puente Pescadero-Las Juntas, which requires more time and logistics. Normally, departure is at 8:00 am from San Gil, and return is around 7:00 pm. The time on the river is approximately 4 and a half hours, and the cost is 350,000 pesos per person.

The other option is Jordan-Las Juntas, which is a two-hour river tour. You need to allocate 7 hours in total, and the price is 250,000 pesos. The journey by car is long, longer than on the river, but the landscape is spectacular!

But if you’re interested in something more adventurous, don’t hesitate to ask about multi-day plans, an expedition with camping and rest areas along the route. There are options for 2 or 3 days.

Minimum age: depends on the selected route, preferably over 16 years old.

*Any of these options will only allow you to do this activity for the day. I don’t think you’ll be able to organize more things for the same day.

  • Tubing

This is one of the most fun experiences on the Fonce River. It consists of descending the same route as rafting, passing through calm sections and others with rapids up to level III (intermediate). It’s an individual activity where you ride downstream on an inflatable “donut,” with a safety kayak accompanying you at all times.

This plan includes photos and videos taken from the kayaker’s helmet, there are drinks at the end, and the price is 120,000 pesos per person.

It’s the most fun and unusual way to enjoy the Fonce River!

*The day has plenty of room for more! You could do paragliding in the morning at Chicamocha and tubing in the afternoon, or you could do tubing in the morning and paragliding in Curití in the afternoon.

3. Torrentismo

Descending down ropes on a rock wall is thrilling, but it’s even more exciting when done amidst a waterfall. That’s Canyoning.

Our main setting for this is the Juan Curì Waterfall, a marvelous natural scene located in the rural area of Páramo, which you’ll reach after a hike through nature.

The waterfall is approximately 70 meters high. I recommend doing it in the morning and bringing a change of clothes because you’ll get completely wet. The price for the descent is 70,000 pesos, and you’ll need to travel about 25 km from San Gil to reach the location. You can either drive there on a paved road, take a bus from the “terminalito” (small terminal for buses to towns, different from those going to cities) in San Gil, or catch a bus at a place called “La Hoja de Tabaco,” which costs 6,500 pesos. The entrance to Juan Curí Waterfall Park is included if you’re doing canyoning. If there are accompanying individuals who only want to hike, swim in the waterfall, and enjoy the scenery, they must pay 12,000 pesos per person at the entrance.

Photos are not included in the service; they are offered by the guide, and the price depends on the number of people.

Minimum age: 8 years old, accompanied by the guide.

*I recommend doing this activity on the same day as the Caverna del Indio.

4. Xplorer Ropes Park

The largest ropes park in the country is at your disposal. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can tackle 38, 16, or 7 challenges in a magical natural setting in the municipality of Pinchote. There, you’ll find rappelling, Tibetan bridges, rope walkways, zip lines, hanging bridges, among others, that will test your skills and dexterity at heights.

Multiple Activities without Changing Locations!

To get to the location, you can either use your own transportation on paved roads or take a taxi from San Gil, which costs 15,000 pesos.

The cost of the activity depends on the circuit (number of challenges) you choose. The most economical one is 75,000 pesos per person, and the circuit with the highest number of challenges (38) costs 110,000 pesos.

Photos are not included in the tour. The cost depends on the number of people and is organized once you’re at the Xplorer Park (approximately 20,000 pesos per person).

Minimum age: There’s a special circuit for children aged 4 to 7 years old, which includes 11 challenges and costs 60,000 pesos. The rest of the challenges can be done by children aged 7 and above.

*On the same day you do this activity, I recommend visiting Pinchote and learning about the history of Antonia Santos. There’s a very interesting tour right next to the church in the park.

5. Peñon Guane Park

Peñón de Guane Park offers various extreme plans just 10 minutes away from San Gil. There, you can enjoy and push your adrenaline to the limit with activities such as bungee jumping, aerial bicycle, extreme swing, canopy, and human slingshot.

The view from the place is spectacular. You can capture beautiful postcards with the municipality of San Gil at your feet, and you can also enjoy a coffee bar at your disposal.

The price varies depending on the activity you choose. Bungee jumping costs 180,000 pesos, aerial bicycle 60,000 pesos, canopy 40,000 pesos, swing 35,000 pesos, human slingshot 35,000 pesos. You can also inquire about activity combos, ranging from 60,000 pesos to 140,000 pesos. Bungee jumping is not included and can only be purchased individually.

You can reach Peñón de Guane Park in your own vehicle via a paved road. If you take a taxi from San Gil, the price is 12,000 pesos. The video and photo service is additional and is organized on-site. The price is adjusted based on the number of people.

These activities are for ages 13 and above.

*For the same day, you can schedule one more activity. I recommend rafting on the Fonce River or tubing from San Gil.

6. Canyoning

A complete multi-adventure! It offers a 1.5-kilometer course where you’ll find different activities such as canopy, extreme swing, hiking, cliff jumping, Tibetan bridge crossing, canyoning, rappelling, canyoneering, bouldering, climbing, among others. If you’re looking to do various things in a short amount of time and in the same place, this activity is perfect.

Some of these activities are in partnership with Peñón de Guane Park, so I recommend deciding between the park or canyoning to avoid repeating activities you’ve already done.

The price is 120,000 pesos if you arrive at the activity site (4 kilometers from San Gil, paved road) or 125,000 pesos with pickup in San Gil. Photos and videos are an additional cost of 30,000 pesos per person. Minimum age is 7 years old.

*On the same day, you have time to do more activities. I recommend the 140-meter bungee jumping, which takes place at the same location as canyoning. Alternatively, you can also do rafting or tubing on the Fonce River.

7. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the most extreme activities in the region. Making the decision to leap into the void, in a 3-2-1 countdown, then feeling the acceleration of G-force, seeing the world rush towards your face, and finally feeling the speed decrease as the elastic tied to your feet pulls you back up for a few seconds before bringing you down again until the energy is dissipated and you come to a stop! Depending on the location, you can fall for about 5 to 7 seconds. It might seem short, but you’ll remember every second for a lifetime. There are two places near San Gil that we can recommend: you can jump from a 70m platform over the Fonce River or from a cable (similar to a cable car) 140m over a canyon.

A fantastic setting, excellent service, great energy, highly recommended. You ascend by elevator to a 70-meter-high tower overlooking the Fonce River. As you gaze out towards the horizon, you see the river stretch away until it disappears amidst the mountains and municipality of San Gil. Here, you have several options for the jump. You can jump feet-first, or you can dive headfirst (like you do in a pool). Alternatively, you can choose the abdomen anchor option (only for those with previous experience) and build momentum by running towards the void. Additionally, at this same location, there’s the option for tandem jumping (maximum combined weight of 150 kg), a true demonstration of love and trust.

The best part is the price: only 90,000 pesos for individual jump and 150,000 pesos for tandem jump. Photos are included, and if you want the video service, you pay an additional 30,000 pesos, captured by three state-of-the-art cameras.

You can reach the location in your own vehicle via a paved road, just 5 minutes from San Gil. Alternatively, you can take a taxi for 7,000 pesos, or take the “buseta” (small urban bus) operated by Cotrasangil, which runs the Mata de Guadua route and costs only 1,800 pesos. You can also walk there, which takes only 15 minutes.

The minimum age is 14 years old, and the minimum weight is 45 kg.

*You’ll have enough time to plan another activity on the same day. You could try Xplorer Ropes Park or go rafting on the Fonce River.

Located in Peñón de Guane Park, it’s the highest bungee jump in South America, standing at 140 meters high. The freefall is approximately 85 meters. The infrastructure consists of a gondola-like basket positioned in the center of a canyon. Here, the only option available is solo jumping, tethered by a harness attached to your feet. You must dive headfirst, and the stronger you leap forward, the better the jump will be.

You can reach the location in your own vehicle or take a taxi or Indrive, which charges 12,000 pesos from San Gil. The price of the jump is 180,000 pesos, and only individuals aged 14 years and older can participate.

The minimum weight requirement is 40 kg, and the maximum is 125 kg.

Photos are included in the service, and the video costs an additional 30,000 pesos.

Operating hours are from 9:30 am to 5 pm.

“We can say that this is the most extreme activity you can do in the region.”

*On the same day as this activity, I recommend the attractions at Peñón de Guane Park – you’re already there, so make the most of it!

8. Caving – Spelunking

Venturing into the depths of a cave is an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the natural diversity surrounding us, you’ll feel like you’re inside Jules Verne’s novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” In this region, we have unique settings for this activity.

If you’re up for it, we guarantee that you’ll discover vast underground spaces to walk through and others small enough to crawl. These environments are adorned with stalagmites, stalactites, columns, waterfalls, mudslides, and the possibility of spotting different species of animals. Among the most recommended are the Caverna del Indio in Páramo Santander, and the caves of La Vaca and El Yeso in Curití.

  • Indian Cave

Located in the municipality of Páramo, just 14 km from San Gil, the Caverna del Indio offers a thrilling adventure that lasts approximately 2 hours. You enter through one entrance and exit through another, experiencing the depths of the cave’s darkness. At the end of the journey, there’s an optional “leap of faith” into a deep pool within the cavern, though it’s entirely up to you whether you take the plunge.

You can reach the cave by driving your own vehicle along paved roads or by taking an inter-municipal bus from “el terminalito” (a small terminal in San Gil) or from “la hoja de tabaco” (near the main bridge). The bus ticket costs 6000 pesos. The activity is suitable for children over 8 years old, and the price is 40,000 pesos per person. Please note that photos and videos are not included; however, your guide can provide them at an additional cost, which varies depending on the number of participants.

I recommend combining this activity with canyoning at Cascadas de Juan Curí on the same day. If you don’t have transportation, the organization responsible for the cave tour can help arrange transportation for you. The cost is 30,000 pesos for a vehicle (up to 4 people) or 15,000 pesos for a motorcycle. After completing the canyoning, you can take a bus back to San Gil.

  • The Cow Cave

Located in the municipality of Curití, you can get there by your own vehicle via paved roads or take a bus from San Gil (at the “terminalito”) costing 3800 pesos and departing every 20 minutes. You can also take a taxi or indrive from San Gil for 30,000 pesos. This cave is damp, so you’ll be constantly getting wet. You should bring a change of clothes. There are spacious and beautiful galleries (halls), but also small places where you must submerge or crawl. Throughout the journey, you’ll be accompanied by experienced guides who will encourage you and help you overcome these challenges. Entry and exit from the site are through the same point. Children over 6 years old can participate. The price of the activity is 40,000 pesos per person, and photos and videos are available for an additional fee, which depends on the number of people. The tour lasts approximately 2 hours.

*On the same day, you can engage in more activities. If you explore the cave in the morning, paragliding in Curití in the afternoon is a great choice.

  • Gypsum Cave

This cave is one of Santander’s best-kept secrets. It’s dry, spacious, with parts for walking and crawling. The tour lasts for about two and a half hours. The starting point is in Curití, where you’ll organize with the guide the equipment to use and arrange transportation to get to the cave (about 5 km away), either by your own vehicle or paying for a private one (transportation cost is not included). This activity requires a minimum of 3 people, and the price is 60,000 pesos. It’s suitable for children over 6 years old when accompanied by a responsible adult. Photos or videos are not included, but can be arranged separately with the guide, and the price varies depending on the number of people.

*On the same day, you can do another activity, such as quad biking.

9. ATV tours

Traveling on dirt roads on ATVs is very fun, plus you get to see different landscapes and visit pleasant natural places. Near San Gil, you will find two places for practicing this activity. One is the San José Valley, located 12 km away, where you can arrive in your own vehicle via paved roads or by taking a bus from the “terminalito” (small bus terminal for rural routes) or from “la hoja de tabaco” for only 5000 pesos. You can also take a taxi or Indrive for 31,000 pesos. The other option is Curití, which is 7 km away from San Gil. You can reach there by your vehicle via paved roads or take a bus from the “terminalito” for 3800 pesos or a taxi or Indrive for 32,000 pesos.

  • ATVs in San José Valley

The San José Valley is a small town in Santander located on the banks of the Fonce River. It boasts some natural pools and is famous for its gastronomy, especially the renowned sausages of “Doña Eustaquia”. Just 1.5 km from the town, you’ll find various ATV tour options, ranging from short 40-minute rides to longer ones lasting up to 3 and a half hours. Some tours offer daytime and nighttime options. In this place, only children between 6 and 13 years old can accompany as passengers and must pay an extra fee depending on the tour chosen. There is no option for adult passengers. These options take place on dirt roads, rural roads, where you can visit natural scenery, pools, viewpoints, and perhaps some sugar cane farms to observe the artisanal process of making panela.

Prices range from 80,000 pesos to 230,000 pesos for adults driving, and from 10,000 to 30,000 pesos for accompanying child passengers, depending on the tour. Refreshments are included in some tour options.

*If you do this activity during the day, you’ll have time for more activities. I recommend river tubing or the Caverna del Indio.

Curití es un hermoso pueblo santandereano, con atractivos arquitectónicos, naturales, y artesanales, famoso pueblo de tejedores por sus tejidos en fique (fibra natural),  allí encontraras dos opciones de tours en ATV (cuatrimotos) alrededor del pueblo por carreteras de tierra, el pago del alquiler es por moto, pueden ir una o dos personas, no hay cobro adicional del pasajero, la edad mínima para conducir es de 16 años, y el pasajero mínimo 6 años, los precios son de 100 mil pesos para el recorrido de una hora y de 170 mil pesos para el recorrido de dos horas.

*Este mismo día tienes el tiempo para realizar otra actividad, te recomiendo la cueva de la vaca o el parapente en Curití, también puedes irte de baño en pescaderito que está muy cerca.

10. Mountain Bike Tour

San Gil and its surroundings have endless mountain bike routes that will allow you to enjoy its mountains and colors. If you want to “tour” and exercise at the same time, this is the best option. There are different routes, starting from San Gil or from Barichara, as I’ll explain next.

  • Mountain bike from San Gil

Normally it starts in the morning (around 8:30 am), and they can pick you up from wherever you are staying. There are two tour options: one goes to the bottom of the Chicamocha Canyon, and the other goes around Curití with a visit to its natural attraction “Pescaderito”.

  • Mountain bike from Jordan

This activity starts in the vehicle until reaching the outskirts of Curití. From there, we start pedaling for a few kilometers until connecting with the route to Jordán. After a couple of kilometers of descent, we make a stop, walk a bit, and reach a spectacular viewpoint of the Chicamocha Canyon, where the “Casca de los monos aulladores” waterfall cascades down. If you wish, you can take a swim. Then, we return to the bikes and continue the descent to the town of Jordán, where we find one of the smallest towns in the country, with architecture typical of the region and its famous suspension bridge over the Chicamocha River. We head for a refreshing swim in a natural pool and have a picnic lunch. After a brief rest, we take the vehicle back to San Gil. Usually, we arrive in San Gil around 3 or 4 pm. The price is 310,000 pesos per person, and the service includes transportation, the picnic, fruits, water, a beer, and photos.

*It can be arranged to stop at the paragliding take-off point in Curití on the way back to San Gil and take the flight the same day. This activity is not included in the service.

  • Mountain bike from Pescaderito

This activity starts in the morning (between 9:00 am and 10:00 am), and you’ll be picked up in San Gil from your accommodation. We’ll head to a place known as “Las Vueltas de Curiti,” where the biking journey begins. The first stop is “El Uvo,” where we return to the vehicle to ascend. Upon reaching the high point, we grab our bikes and start the descent. We stop at the famous pool “El Paraíso,” with its crystal-clear water and natural beauty, perfect for swimming and, why not, some photographs. Then, we take a short walk to another natural pool called “La Samba,” where you can jump from heights of up to 3 meters, take a swim, and have fun. We return to “El Paraíso” for a picnic and then retrieve the bikes to descend to the starting point of “Pescaderito” and later to the town of Curiti. We make a stop at the park for a coffee or ice cream to take a break before returning to San Gil. Usually, we arrive back in San Gil around 2 or 3 pm. The price is 180,000 pesos per person, and it includes transportation, photos, picnic, water, fruits, ice cream or coffee, and a beer.

*This activity can be combined with paragliding in Curiti, with a stop to participate in this activity. Paragliding is an additional cost and is not included in the service.

  • Mountain bike from Barichara

Barichara is considered the prettiest little town in Colombia. Its colonial streets will take you on a journey through time or perhaps to some TV series or movie you’ve seen, like “Verano en Venecia” or “La Otra Raya del Tigre.” It boasts excellent gastronomy, beautiful viewpoints, and unparalleled tranquility. From there, you can take different mountain biking routes. Nowadays, this municipality hosts one of the most famous MTB races in the department, the Chapala Race. Bike tours offer different distances, scenarios, and prices, ranging from 3 to 8 hours. You can visit various places like Guane, Villanueva, Galán, El Hato, Jordan, and Cabrera, enjoying views of the Suarez River Canyon or the Chicamocha River, as well as the Yariguies mountain range. You also have the option to link some routes with rafting activities on the Suarez or Fonce rivers. Prices range from 150,000 to 280,000 pesos and include hydration, fruit, snacks, photos, MTB equipment, and transportation.

*If you engage in any of these activities, you can take advantage of Barichara to visit the Taller de la Tierra and Taller de Papel. Don’t miss out on visiting the Salto del Mico.

11. Trekking

The Chicamocha Canyon and its surroundings boast a network of ancient paths (“caminos de lenguerke”) that allow for beautiful routes, connecting natural attractions and small towns. Most of the routes are demanding and require good physical fitness. These are the routes used by the famous CHICAMOCHA CANYON RACE trail running event. You can go on your own, but I recommend taking a guide or being well advised.

Some paths have been marked by the “FROM THE ANDES TO THE ALPS” project, where you can find good information about the routes on their website, Destino Chicamocha.

I’ve taken the time to write this article with the idea of providing you with the necessary information to enjoy your time in San Gil. This is a complete guide to activities. You can select the ones you like the most to plan your trip and budget. If you have any doubts, leave them as a comment, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Welcome to the land of adventure!

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Complete Guide to Enjoying San Gil.

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