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Flying in Chicamocha: An Experience Full of Reasons


You go to eat at a restaurant because they speak well of their preparations, you buy some shoes because they are the ones you like the most, you visit a new destination because you want to know it, and you go paragliding with us because we offer you the best experience of your life. Here are some reasons to be part of our Parapente Chicamocha family.

An unforgettable flight

The Chicamocha Canyon is one of the greatest wonders of Colombia and the world, with beautiful landscapes and unique natural beauty. The most important thing about all this is that we are the only ones that give you the opportunity to fly in this exotic place.

You do not want to regret not having done it, to have among your memories being among the most representative mountains of Santander at more than 2,000 meters high.

High-level guides

Our work team is made up of expert pilots, all with XXXXXXX certification. Led by Sergio Gutierrez, the founder of our company, in this work family, we are characterized by a high level of commitment, especially when flying.

Our pilots are trained to fly anywhere in the world, at high levels of demand, and have demonstrated this in many competitions.

Our flight site

We have the only existing flight site, the Chicamocha Canyon. We condition and adapt it to offer you all the guarantees and the best view. There, we receive you, deliver the equipment and give you our safety talk.

All our flights begin and end there, between shouts, applause, and your satisfaction for embarking on the adventure and ours for making you happy.

The best qualified

We do not say it; it is said by those like you who agreed to travel with Parapente Chicamocha. You can review what other of our clients say on pages like Tripadvisor, where we appear as number one for the practice of this adventure, giving the most excellent satisfaction to those who believe in us.

Legally and environmentally responsible

As part of our quality offer, we comply with each of the country’s existing legal requirements and have included sustainable tourism strategies within our operating policy

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