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How to get there?

4 locations at your disposal

Any of our four locations for the activity are situated in the department of Santander, Colombia. You can reach this region by commercial flight to Palo Negro airport in the city of Bucaramanga, by charter flight from Bogota or Medellin to Los Pozos airport in San Gil with Pacifica Travel, or by road via the national highway to any of the following locations:

From Bogota, it’s a six-hour bus ride, and from Bucaramanga, it’s a two and a half (2.5) hour drive.

If you’re looking for direct flights to San Gil, you can do so here: Pacifica Travel – 

Below, the map of each of our locations, and by clicking on, Google Maps, or Waze, you will have direct access to each of the applications.

San Gil Office


Main Office: As landmarks, you’ll find the Palace of Justice (half a block away) and La Niña María School (across the street).

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Chicamocha Paragliding Flying Site, San Pedro Vereda sector Chiflas dos ventanas, Aratoca, Santander.

The flight site: is located in the Chicamocha Canyon, at km 35 (San Gil-Bucaramanga) or km 64 (Bucaramanga-San Gil), near the Chiflas restaurant.

To access it, take a 700-meter detour from the main route, and it’s accessible for any vehicle. If you arrive by bus, you can ask the driver to stop at the Chiflas restaurant, and one of our company’s buses will be waiting for you.

Buses from San Gil or Bucaramanga depart every 30 minutes and are operated by several companies such as Cotrasangil, Cootrasaravita, and Transsander.

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Panachi Office

Our paragliding office in Chicamocha National Park:

It is located at the main entrance right next to the ticket booth. The opening hours are linked to the Chicamocha National Park schedule, which is usually from Wednesday to Sunday during low season from 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m., and during high season every day from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. However, our flight services operate every day from the Dos Ventanas flying site, which is 5 km from the park. You can also reach this office by taking the cable car station located in Mesa de los Santos (Make sure the park is open).

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Curití Flying Site in Curití, Santander

Our flying site in Curití:

It is located in the Paloblanco Alto village in the municipality of Curití, being the third and last of three sites that are located one after the other within a stretch of 200 meters. The owner is Esperanza Torres. We recommend using our San Gil office as a meeting point for this activity or arranging a meeting in advance.

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