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Prestige Tandem Chicamocha Canyon

This flight combines the Performance Tandem and the Adrenaline Tandem into one, offering a thermal flight with a good route depending on the day’s conditions.



All material is delivered in high resolution at the end of the flight

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This is a flight where the passenger is accompanied at all times by a certified expert pilot, who explains the surroundings. This flight is ideal for those wanting to understand paragliding as a free-flying practice, learning why birds can soar and climb without flapping their wings. The flight utilizes thermal updrafts to gain altitude and cover more distance, allowing the pilot to “hop” between currents. The passenger may be allowed to control the paraglider for a few minutes under pilot supervision.

  • Flight conditions depend on the weather and passenger behavior.
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Location: Vereda San Pedro, sector Chiflas, Chicamocha Canyon, Aratoca, Santander, Colombia.


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