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Frequently Asked Questions about Tandem Flights

The duration depends on the type of tandem flight you select from the available options. In the Chicamocha Canyon, the discovery tandem flight lasts for 20 minutes, but there are flights that can last up to 30 minutes, such as the Prestige Tandem. In Curití, the discovery tandem flight lasts for 12 minutes, but the sensation and adrenaline tandem flights last for 15 minutes.

We are the largest group of pilots in the area. Typically, we have five (5) pilots, so we fly five (5) people practically at the same time. However, during peak season, we have a group of ten (10) pilots flying at the same time.

No, the tandem paraglider is designed exclusively for flying 2 people (one pilot and one passenger). If you want to fly two passengers at the same time, they would need to fly in separate paragliders.

Each of our offices operates on the following schedule:

  • The San Gil office is open every day from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
  • The Parque Nacional del Chicamocha (PANACHI) office follows the same schedule as the PANACHI park. During the low season, it’s open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm continuously. During the high season, it’s open every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm continuously.
  • The Dos Ventanas flight zone in the Chicamocha Canyon is usually open every day from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, with prior reservations to coordinate the meeting time.
  • The Las Nubes flight zone is usually open from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, also with prior reservations to coordinate the meeting time.


Depends on the meeting point chosen by the client, the weather, and the passenger’s weight:

  • If they take the company’s transportation (departure from San Gil), people are usually picked up at the hotel between 8:30 and 8:45 am, and the return is between 1:30 and 2:00 pm, as the return depends on everyone in the bus having flown.
  • If they take their own transportation, they return as soon as they finish flying.
  • If the departure is from the PANACHI office, we usually have continuous departures from 10:30 am until noon. We recommend being available for 2 hours.

Please note that heavier passengers are flown at the end because the conditions at the beginning of the morning are mild (suitable for lighter people), and towards the end they are strong (suitable for heavier people). If done differently, it may not be possible to have good and comfortable flights!

For any flight, we depend on weather conditions. We have carried passengers weighing up to 120 kg (264 lb) in various conditions. If the conditions are gentle, there’s a higher chance we might need to land elsewhere, meaning the flight might not proceed. Note that heavier individuals are flown last because weather conditions typically become stronger towards the end, increasing the likelihood of better flights!

We have set the minimum age for children at 6 years old and weighing more than 35 kg. For any minor, a form must be filled out by the parent or guardian authorizing the activity. It is recommended for individuals weighing less than 50 kg to arrive early to fly among the first group, as conditions may change later and the activity may not be possible.

Yes, since the responsibility and service provided are the same for both a child and an adult, and the wear and tear on the equipment and necessary logistics are the same.

The flight is categorized as a tandem or two-seater flight, where the passenger is accompanied by an experienced pilot. No previous experience is required. However, if you want to fly solo, without a companion, we recommend taking a look at the courses section.

It is not possible to perform the flight.

Our pilots have over 15 years of experience in paragliding practice, all of them hold certification or tandem pilot license from the Air Sports Federation (Fedeaereos).

Experience is not required to take a tandem flight as a passenger. We will provide you with the necessary instructions during the safety briefing.

Yes, it is safe, we support our statement with the number of passengers we fly year after year, which is around 6,000 people. If we compare paragliding to other things we do in our daily lives, we can tell you that it is safer than riding a bicycle or motorcycle.

We have several landing spots, but the usual procedure is to ascend, complete the time, and return to the same starting point, although things can vary due to weather conditions. All optional landing spots are accounted for within our organization.

Depending on the service selection, in the Chicamocha Canyon, we have flights ranging from $250,000 COP to $400,000 COP, and in Curití, from $150,000 COP to $170,000 COP.

But there are more options that you can see in the menu; we have flights for all tastes!

The prices are fixed; they have been established based on offering you a good quality and safety service. Our flight equipment is tested periodically and replaced at scheduled times. If we were to sell at lower costs, we wouldn’t be able to meet safety requirements in equipment maintenance or hiring suitable and professional staff.

Some individuals may experience nausea or vomiting during the flight; it all depends on many factors. We recommend consuming a light meal approximately two hours before engaging in this activity. If you are unsure about how you may feel during the flight, we recommend taking motion sickness medication (consult with your doctor). Additionally, if requested by the passenger, we can also make an earlier landing.

What’s non-negotiable is closed-toe shoes! Preferably sneakers or sports boots. Additionally, we recommend wearing long pants, a jacket (only for the flight), sunglasses, sunscreen, and a cap or umbrella in case of waiting; typically, there’s a lot of sun.

If the customer wishes, they can bring their camera or cell phone during the flight, all under their own responsibility! The company offers an additional service with Go-Pro cameras to take photographs and videos during the flight. The material is delivered at the end and costs $50,000 COP.

We accept all forms of payment, including cash, debit and credit cards (preferably Visa and Mastercard franchises), PayPal, and dollars or euros. For foreigners paying with a card, we take a copy of their passport.

Diabetes without treatment – Uncontrolled hyperthyroidism – Seizures in the last 2 years – Hip replacement – Post-surgical events in the last six months – Pregnancy status – Uncontrolled fear of heights – Vertigo – Current psychiatric treatment or within the last six months – Shortness of breath or fatigue with minor exertion – Ventricular extrasystole – Bradycardia or tachycardia at rest

It all depends on the weather conditions. The flight location in the Chicamocha Canyon is at 1740 meters above sea level (M.S.L.), and the one in Curití is at 1800 meters above sea level (M.S.L.), but it easily ascends to 2000 meters above sea level (M.S.L.).

If you’re looking to fly in the Chicamocha Canyon, it’s recommended to be there by 10:00 am because typically in the afternoons, the wind is very strong, and flights are not conducted. However, we do offer flights in the afternoon at the Curití Flying Site (where we don’t have the view or altitude of the Chicamocha Canyon).

Yes, currently, we work with the company “Seguros del Estado,” which provides us with an accident insurance policy and a civil and extra-contractual liability policy. The cost of insurance is included in the flight service.

If there’s availability, we can reschedule; otherwise, you will receive a full refund of 100% of the money.

All you need to know.

Frequently Asked Questions About Courses

“The most comprehensive course lasts for 10 days, but we also offer mini-courses of 5 days, 1 day, or 3 hours.”

The necessary equipment for the course, transportation, instruction.

It does NOT include: Meals, accommodation, hydration, snacks, license.

If you complete the full 10-day course, we can assist you in obtaining the Novice Pilot license with the Air Sports Federation. The fee is NOT included in the course price.

No, many people have the idea that they can take an initiation course and then work as tandem pilots. However, the reality is that with this course, you obtain a novice pilot level where you can fly in calm conditions and known flying sites. To fly tandem, you need to meet a series of requirements that typically take about 2 years of constant practice.

It doesn’t count as a practice day, but it can be used for theoretical classes and flight simulations.

Yes, as long as you demonstrate that you have the necessary skills to fly in strong thermal conditions in the Chicamocha Canyon. We take into account the type of license you have, the amount of flight you have completed, and where. Additionally, if permission is granted to fly, you do so at your own risk.

No, we do not rent equipment. For people with little experience, we offer courses by the day. This way, we can analyze what you can or cannot do and make decisions when you are ready to fly.

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