Chicamocha Paragliding, located at Carrera 10 No. 8-33 in San Gil – Santander, in compliance with the provisions of Law 1581 in 2012 (Ley 1581 de 2012) and Order 1074 of 2015 (Decreto 1074 of 2015), states that any personal data of its clients or any other contact, that has been obtained or is obtained in the development of its corporate purpose, will be used only in order to comply with the development of said corporate purpose.

The personal data that Parapente Chicamocha has and / or will have in the future could be treated to fulfill the aforementioned purpose; And, in addition, to provide its clients and third parties with information about its services; At all times, the information will be treated and protected under the same internal processes and policies for the handling and control of Parapente Chicamocha data and in compliance with the provisions of the Law.

Parapente Chicamocha as responsible for the personal data collected in the exercise of its corporate purpose, will carry out actions to guarantee its adequate custody, control and management, as well as to ensure compliance with the principles of personal data protection established by Law. The process of the data by Parapente Chicamocha are subject to the terms set forth in the Information Treatment Policy of the entity. Any holder of personal data, may at any time request access, rectification, opposition and in case of applying, cancellation regarding the processing of their personal data, through the means available by Parapente Chicamocha, who will attend any request, communicated by such means. To know these Policies, Procedures, Requirements and deadlines, please consult the staff of Paramo Chicamocha, contact through the following email info@parapentechicamocha.com, or by going to www.parapentechicamocha.com. Check PDF




For Parapente Chicamocha the integrity of the human being is its main priority, no commercial situation or request of the client can compromise the health and safety of its workers and the people who use the tourist services. Parapente Chicamocha looks after the protection of the environment and the welfare of the community.
All dependencies of management assume the responsibility of promoting a healthy and safe work environment, complying with applicable legal requirements, linking stakeholders in the Occupational Health and Safety System and allocating the necessary human, physical and financial resources to the management of health and safety.

Parapente Chicamocha, as a tourism agency operating the activity of paragliding, is committed to the Continuous Improvement of its Integrated Management System oriented to the management of occupational risks, as well as to the Sustainable Development (Environmental, Social and Economic) of its shareholders, customers, collaborators, suppliers and communities surrounding the development sites of the activities. Parapente Chicamocha provides a responsible and respectful treatment of the natural and cultural heritage, customer information and prevention of trade and sexual exploitation, as well as compliance with regulations. Check Spanish PDFCheck English PDF


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