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Paragliding Courses

Initiation Course

It aims to provide enough knowledge so that you can achieve your first high-altitude flight guided by radio with the assistance of the instructor and monitor.

Learnd and Fly

From scratch until achieving the first high-altitude flight.

This course allows for progression from scratch, with the methodology primarily based on practical training and control of the paraglider, supplemented with some theoretical lessons. The course begins with three field school lessons (one per day) and includes tandem instructional flights, where the pilot allows the student to control the paraglider while providing guidance on the surroundings. After these practices and with confidence in the student’s progress, flights from higher hills are conducted.

It is a basic course that enables the development of skills for the first solo flight, guided by radio by a qualified instructor. The number of flights will depend on the student’s own skills and weather conditions.

What’s Included?:

  • Daily transportation for the 5 days
  • Necessary equipment for practice
  • Instruction
  • Between 1 and 2 tandem induction flights

What’s Not Included?:

  • Meals
  • Accomodation

Relevant data


  • Sports long pants
  • Tennis shoes or hiking boots
  • Mountain biking gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Hydration and snacks
  • Long-sleeved lycra”

Expert instructors, unforgettable flights


Expert instructors, unforgettable flights

What does the course consist of?

The course is tailored to each student’s individual progression, but we aim to follow the following itinerary:

  1. Throughout the course, we conduct both theoretical and practical classes, and we provide materials for students to study at home.
  2. The first 4 days take place at the school field located in Curiti Santander, where we begin ground control of the wing. Here, the first flights, called “Sapitos,” are conducted.
  3. On the last day, we change the setting and go to the flying site located in Floridablanca Santander (Ruitoque). There, the first high-altitude flight is conducted either at the beginning of the morning or at the end of the afternoon.
  4. For this practice, we have one instructor at takeoff and another at landing.

Security and fun guaranteed

Conquer the wind, feel the freedom


3 flying locations for me would be

We have three flying locations that allow you to evolve in both types of paragliding flight, both dynamic and thermal. During this course, inductive flights and practices will be conducted at the three flying locations (Curití, Ruitoque, and Chicamocha Canyon). However, the location for conducting the final practices (autonomy) will be decided based on each student’s individual progress.

Types of flights to practice

Sergio Andrés Gutiérrez Gómez

Gerente, Piloto, Conductor, Administrador y Vendedor de Parapente Chicamocha, ha participado en las siguientes competencias:

  • Airtour (Hike & Fly) en Francia 2 veces 2014 y 2016
  • Pre Copa del mundo en Nirgua Venezuela en el 2015
  • Circuito Nacional del Parapente durante los años 2014, 2015, 2016 en los cuales obtuvo los siguientes resultados primer puesto Copa de Occidente 2016, segundo puesto Copa Vientos Apia Risaralda 2016 y tercer puesto Copa Vientos Apia en 2015
  • Aerotlhon (Hike, Fly & MTB) en Baja California en 2016 donde obtuvo el primer puesto .

Ha volado en 13 países: Colombia, Venezuela, Perú, Bolivia, Chile, México, España, Francia, Suiza, Austria, Italia, Nueva Zelanda, Vietnam.

Ha realizado los siguientes cursos: Curso SIV y Acro en Chivor Boyacá, Curso de monitor en Bogotá y obtención de su respectiva licencia, Curso de instructor APPI (Association Internacional de Pilotos e Instructores de Parapente) en Ansermanuevo Valle del Cauca en 2022, Curso APPI tándem y obtención de su respectiva licencia tándem PRO en 2022 y Curso de mantenimiento y reparación de parapente APPI en Montevideo, Uruguay.

¿Por qué le gusta el Parapente?

Me gusta el parapente porque esta actividad me permite libertad, felicidad y trabajo al mismo tiempo, es básicamente hobby, trabajo y deporte

Alex Vasquez

De los primeros pilotos del departamento de Santander desde 1996, Ingeniero Mecánico; Es instructor de Parapente desde el año 1997 e instructor de Parapente Tandem desde el año 2000. Ha participado en campeonatos regionales y nacionales desde 1997 hasta el 2013. Ha realizado curso de instructores dictados por Mario Arque y Stefan hodek, Curso de incidencia en vuelo por Leopoldo Turco

¿Por qué le gusta el Parapente?

Me encantan todos los deportes al aire libre y el contacto con la naturaleza

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