"Las Nubes" Flight Place


Flights are done from 1:00 PM a 6:00 PM..

This flight lasts between 10 and 12 minutes, takeoff and landing in the path Palo Alto Blanco of the municipality of Curití.

We have a slope of a difference of 200 meters.

Depending on the weather, up to 10 flights can be made per pilot; therefore, we can manage a group of approximately 90 people on an afternoon with normal conditions. If more pilots are needed to carry out a greater number of flights (+90) we are in the capacity to organize it in advance (one week).

Regardless of the number of people, the entire afternoon should be available.


Every flight depends on climatic and aerological conditions, therefore the pilot decides which is the right moment for the takeoff and if it is the case NOT TO FLY.

The pilot chooses the passenger with whom he wants to fly according to his weight, so it does not matter the order of arrival at the take-off site, but the weight and the conditions that we find, that is, if the wind is strong, we take off with the heavier ones and if it is soft with the lightest.


It is advisable to have a light meal before the flight, take a coat, sunscreen, repellent, hydration, long pants and adjustable footwear.


In our company, we deeply regret the fact of not flying people with some basic problems or restrictions, for us it is sad not being able to accompany them in this experience and we want to inform that we restrict the flight for people with the following problems or characteristics:

  • Cardiac problems (recent infarctions or less than one year, chest pain at the least effort (angina pectoris)
  • Pregnancy status
  • Vertigo (depending on the evolution time)
  • Hip replacement
  • Problems or spinal surgeries
  • Uncontrolled psychiatric diseases
  • Uncontrolled epilepsy
  • Problems that prevent walking (specific cases can be reason for analysis)
  • Uncontrolled thyroid diseases
  • Diabetes poorly controlled
  • Phobia at uncontrolled height

Additional there are cases where decisions are made based on the conditions of the day, as for example (there may be more cases) the weight of people, normally we do not fly less than 40 kg unless the wind is mild, just like People over 110 kg unless the conditions are a bit strong.

We also do not fly children under 6 years old and in the case of all under-aged (under 18 years old) it is necessary to fill out an authorization form for a responsible adult.


The organization is willing to provide transportation (from San Gil or Panachi) if necessary, but it is better for the client to have his own for the following reasons.

1.If the flight is Curití you can return whenever you want, otherwise you must wait if we have more people to fly.

3.If due to climatic conditions or due to the client's own decision, the activity is not carried out and the company is transported, the amount of $ 10,000 per person must be paid.

The road to Vereda Palo Blanco has unpaved parts but is accessible to all vehicles.

Our company has qualified staff, capable and experienced in this type of sports and will give everything to make your vacation ALL AN ADVENTURE.

Note: Services included in the rate:
  • Personal accident policy and civil liability policy.
  • Certified Pilots
  • Transportation to and from the activity site (exit San Gil)

Price: $80.000 COP.